Picking Winners & Losers in Real Estate

My mission is to help investors excel in finding, flipping and leasing property. I do this by sharing all the successes and failures I have experienced in the last 35+ years as a realtor.
Brett Young
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Picking Winners & Losers in Real Estate will Teach you the Math Behind A Good Investment

  • Picking Winners & Losers in Real Estate Book provides experience from Brett Young's real estate career
  • 32 Hour Comprehensive Investing Course to extensively prepare you with everything needed to be a successful real estate investor
  • Course fees paid with the first investment property
  • Personal mentorship by Brett Young

Picking Winners & Losers in Real Estate will Teach you the Benefits of Realtors v. Property Management Companies

  • How to get a Good Property Manager
  • What you need to know about picking the best Tenants
  • Why Some areas of town are better for leasing

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What Is "Picking Winners & Losers in Real Estate"?

An Online Investors Course And Guide to Cash Flow

"Picking Winners" is an online course designed to help realtors and property investors find success in the industry.

Based off of my most recent book – "Picking Winners and Losers in Real Estate" – my course and syllabus is a deep dive into topics that typically trip up investors. My course is comprised of videos and other support documents that explain complex concepts.